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Here we basically answer how many miles in a kilometer; the units under consideration are abbreviated as mi and km, respectively.

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Convert Km to Miles

Unless stated differently, our article is about the international mile, as opposed to the nautical mile (nmi) for example.

To convert km to miles we divide the distance or length in kilometers by 1.609344. Therefore, the km to miles formula is:

[mi] = [km] / 1.609344

From the formula follows that a kilometer is approximately 0.62 miles.

A km in miles is exactly 15625/25146 mi. Using a calculator we get 0.62137119223733396961743418436332 miles.

To change km into miles it is recommended using our app above.

Simply insert the distance or length in the metric system unit; our km to miles calculator does the math for you as you type.

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Km to Miles Conversion

As you have seen, the km to miles conversion is a simple division when you apply our formula.

That said, you already know the answer to the question how to convert km to miles:

There are ~ 0.62 mi in a km. To change km to nautical miles visit our page nautical miles to km and read the paragraph below the calculator.

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Kilometers to Miles

You already know the most important things about kilometers to miles, so we are left with a few frequently asked questions in the context of km per mile:

  • How many miles in a kilometer?
  • How many miles in km?
  • How many kilometers to a mile?
  • How many miles make a kilometer?
  • How many miles per kilometer?

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