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Km to Nautical Miles

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In this article we tell you everything about km in nautical miles, including the formula and useful information such as the brief history of nautical miles.

If you have been asking yourself how many nautical miles in a km, then you are absolutely right here as well.

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Convert Km to Nautical Miles

To convert km to nautical miles divide the distance in kilometers by 1.852.

The km to nautical miles formula is [nmi] = [km] / 1.852. Thus, for the conversion we get:

0.5399568035 km = 1 nmi.

One nautical mile is equal to 1852 meters, or ~ 6076.115 feet.

One nautical mile is approximately 1.15 international miles, 1.1507794480235425117314881094409 mi to be exact.

For the km to nautical miles conversion the use of our calculator above is recommended.

While you are inserting the distance in kilometers our calculator already does the conversion for you.

Fractions must be entered in decimal notation.

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And here you can convert Nautical Miles to Kilometers.

What is a Nautical Mile?

What is a nautical mile?

The nautical mile is an international unit of measurement, standardized in the Principality of Monaco in the year 1929, and defined as exactly 1.852 kilometers.

In the US, the unit under consideration was adopted in the year 1954.

Originally, the nautical mile was specified as one minute of latitude of the earth.

Nautical miles are used for both, air as well as maritime navigation.

The derived unit of speed is one nautical mile per hour, better known as knot.

Note that there is no official symbol for nautical mile.

The common abbreviations include N, NM, nm and nmi.

We use nmi to differentiate it from international miles (mi).

Here you can change nautical miles to miles.

By the way: When the unqualified term “miles” is used, it refers to international miles, aka statute miles or land miles.

Km in Nautical Miles

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