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This page is about miles to km, or mi to km in short form.

Here we answer the question how many kilometers in a mile; if you have been looking for a converter, we have that, too.

You are also right here if you entered miles to kilometres in the search engine of your preference, using the international spelling variant.

Read on to learn everything about conversion, and make sure to bookmark our site as miles km.



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Convert Miles to Km

As an international mile is precisely 25146/15625 kilometers, to change miles to kilometers you have to multiply the distance in miles by 1.609344.

The miles to km formula is:

[km] = [mi] x 1.609344

As follows from the mi to km formula one mile is approximately 1.6 kilometers.

As mentioned before, this applies to the so-called international mile which was standardized by worldwide agreement in the year 1959.

If you have a nautical mile though, then the equivalence is [km] = [nmi] x 1.852.

Finally, US Survey miles are 1.60934721869 km, that is 0.00000321869 km or ~ 3/1000 of a meter more than the international mile.

Note that the difference is insignificant in most cases.

To change miles to kilometers simply apply the formula or make use our calculator above.

While you insert the distance in miles our tool converts the input to km as you type.

About our Miles to Km Converter

Our app at the top of this page does the calculation automatically for you.

Press the blue button only if want to swap the units.

Note that you may revert the unit transformation by editing the lower input field.

All about km to mi can also be found clicking the link.

Miles to Km Conversion

The conversion is simple math and merely comprises of one multiplication if you do it manually, as opposed to using our miles to kilometer calculator, which is the recommended way.

Because you know that 1.609344 km are equal to one mile, questions like how many kilometers in a mile no longer pose a challenge to you.

You may want to remember by heart 1 mi ~ 1.6 km.

If you check out our sidebar you can spot a search form which allows you to look up our conversions.

Give the form a try now.

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