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Welcome to miles to nautical miles.

Whenever “miles” are used as an unqualified term, the terms stands for international miles, also known as statute miles or land miles.

In this article we explain you how to convert the distance to nautical miles.

If you have been asking yourself how many nautical miles is a land mile, then you have come to the right place, too.

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How to Convert Miles to Nautical Miles?

Divide the distance (mi) by 1.15078.

The miles to nautical miles formula is [mi] = [nmi] / 1.1507794480235425117314881094409. Thus,

1 mile = 0.8689762419 nautical miles
1 land mile = 0.8689762419 nautical miles
1 statue mile = 0.8689762419 nautical miles

One mile is equal to approximately 0.87 nautical miles.

In any case, we recommend you use our calculator above to change the distance from mi to nmi.

Simply insert the mi, and our tool converts it automatically.

Rational values have to be entered using a decimal point.

Important: You may change the conversion to the other way round editing the lower input field.

Or visit our page Nautical Miles to Miles.

And, keep reading to learn everything about the miles to nautical conversion.

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The result of the transformation is approximately 13 percent less than the original length.

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– Article written by Mark, last updated on December 28th, 2023